Whether you’re looking to use your home office PC for browsing the internet, working with spreadsheets, or watching Netflix, TekWerks can build an affordable solution for your needs. While buying a desktop PC from a retail store is an easy solution, it can have serious drawbacks. Most notably: bloatware, odd configurations, the lack of component options and upgrade-ability. It’s very common for manufactures to ship their computers with large amounts of third party software. These software items can negatively impact the PC’s performance while taking up large amounts of RAM and storage. Also, it’s very common for manufacturers to use proprietary power supplies and motherboards which drastically limit your upgrade-ability. Even worse, most manufacturers ship their computers with a single stick of RAM. This means the RAM is running in single channel. For the best performance, you want your RAM running in dual channel. An example of this is purchasing a computer with a single 16GB stick of RAM running in single channel. Ideally, you want two 8GB RAM sticks running in dual channel. It’s the same amount of RAM, but on average running in dual channel allows for a 17% increase in computing performance. Don’t settle for the easy way, choose the right way. All home office systems are backed with TekWerks 9 month labor warranty.

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