About TekWerks

TekWerks specializes in the creation of hand built computers for the creative professional, data scientist, avid gamer, and everyday enthusiast. Based in Minneapolis, MN and only using premium grade components each build results in high performance, excellent reliability, and quiet operation. TekWerks curates each build to your specific needs resulting in a truly unique and custom system. Every build goes through a series of QA tests to ensure excellent performance and reliability. At TekWerks we take pride in delivering an excellent experience to our clients and a system you can be proud to call your own.

Client Experience

When you decide to have TekWerks build your next system the process begins with a consultation to ensure we understand your needs and expectations. Once complete, TekWerks will compile a detailed parts list for your final approval. Upon approval, TekWerks then begins assembling the system with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail. During this stage TekWerks will configure your system’s fan curve settings, cable management, and CPU overclock (if applicable). Once your system is optimized, TekWerks completes several benchmarks and QA tests to ensure optimal and reliable performance. TekWerks will also make sure the latest motherboard BIOS, GPU drivers, and Windows updates are in place before we deliver your system or prepare it for shipping.*

*TekWerks offers free delivery and setup within 30 miles of Minneapolis, MN. Shipping is not covered by TekWerks.


“TekWerks did an amazing job on my build. I wanted something top-of-the-line that would last for the next few years and he over-delivered! I will be coming back for my next build!” – James

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